Surprise birth at work for Crieff waitress

A WAITRESS has told how she gave birth at work to a baby she did not know she was having.

Stacie Speak, 20, experienced stomach cramps and within an hour had given birth to 6lb 3oz baby Jack.

Yesterday, Ms Speak said: “I couldn’t believe it. Everything appeared to be pretty normal when I started my shift and the next thing I knew I was having a baby.

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“I had absolutely no idea I was pregnant so the whole experience was a complete shock – but a wonderful one.”

Ms Speak said she had not noticed any serious weight gain during her pregnancy and did not change her eating habits. And because she has irregular periods she remained unaware of the situation.

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The first she knew of impending motherhood was during a shift at the Knock Castle Hotel near Crieff in Perthshire, in the run-up to Christmas.

She said: “I rushed off to the loo, and my waters broke. It was very frightening. Then I could feel the baby coming.”