Support for independence is on the rise

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A NEW poll today showed support for independence on the rise.

The number of people saying they would vote Yes in a referendum has increased six points to 37 per cent since a similar poll 18 months ago. Those planning to vote No fell by one point to 45 per cent and the number who were undecided fell by five points to 18 per cent.

The findings come as First Minister Alex Salmond held talks with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Edinburgh today. Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has said the UK Government is "not convinced" about the case for more powers.

The TNS-BMRB poll showed strongest support for independence in the younger age groups. Under-24s were in favour by 51 per cent to 36; those aged 25-34 backed it by 40 to 36; and 35-44 age group by 38 to 36. Over-65s opposed independence by 57 per cent to 28.