Supermodel Anna Freemantle directs catwalk show to close Africa in Motion

AS a world-famous supermodel she rubbed shoulders with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss on the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

• Anna Freemantle was asked to create a fashion show for the festival after the success of her Noir arts events in edinburgh

Now Anna Freemantle has brought high fashion and glamour to the Capital for tonight's finale to the city's Africa in Motion film festival.

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The 31-year-old, who recently swapped the world's catwalks to settle with her husband Jonathan and son Max, two, in the New Town, will put the spotlight on the closing ceremony of the fifth annual film festival at the Bongo Club.

Anna has flown in the acclaimed Nigerian fashion designer NKWO, now based in London, to showcase her latest collection, while rising stars from the Edinburgh College of Art have been given the chance to display their own designs made from imported African materials.

The Amsterdam-born model said she was approached by the festival after the success of her Noir arts nights in Edinburgh.

She said: "Because it's their fifth anniversary they wanted to do something special and make it a big event."

The festival co-ordinator Lizelle Bisschoff said that many of the films showing at the 16-day festival had been sell-outs and that Anna's fashion show would put the spotlight on the annual event.

She said: "This year's festival has been important for us because 17 African nations are celebrating their 50th anniversary of independence and the theme overall has been one of celebration for African film and culture."

Since settling in Edinburgh Anna has established the Noir arts events and has also told the Evening News that she hopes to work with ECA fashion students to give them advice from someone who has worn clothes on the catwalk.

She added: "The nights I run started with the idea that we could create an event we would like to go to, it literally came from that.

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"I'm trying to put Edinburgh more on the global map. I've been approached by the person who organises parties for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan.

"They've seen what we're doing here and they're interested in maybe bringing some of the Edinburgh shows out there and the other way around.

"It's a nice way of reminding people what amazing things are available here. Everybody feels the focus on London but it's actually really incredible what's happening here in terms of fashion and arts. It's really exciting.

"A lot of graduates feel like they need to move to London to do better. We're trying to change that."