Supermarket set to roll out new bakeries

Supermarket chain Lidl is currently recruiting around 300 new staff in Scotland due to the imminent launch of its new in-store bakeries, including five in the Lothians.

Every Lidl store in Scotland will have its own in-store bakery, which will give customers a wider choice of fresh products and also create new 
permanent jobs.

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Since opening its first store in Scotland in 1994, Lidl said it had strived to always offer its customers the freshest and best quality products possible.

Customers themselves have requested in-store bakeries, and Lidl has responded to the call. After a successful trial with very positive customer feedback, the company is rolling out bakeries across Scotland, including its Lothians stores.

Lidl currently has more than 85 stores across Scotland, as well as its Scottish distribution and customer centres based in Livingston, West Lothian.