'Superglue 3' admonished for RBS demo

THREE climate change protesters who glued themselves to an Edinburgh branch of RBS during a demonstration which caused the bank to close have been convicted of causing a breach of the peace.

Londoners Dr Giovanna Speciale, 38, and Tim Gee, 25, and Cara Whelan, 34, from Wales, glued themselves to each other and the entrance door of the RBS at Nicolson Street on August 23 last year.

The protesters - dubbed "The Superglue 3" - had denied placing the public in a state of fear and alarm and committing a breach of the peace.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how other protesters played musical instruments and sang a version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face within the branch.

Sheriff Neil MacKinnon yesterday told the trio: "Members of the public go to their bank to deal with matters of finance, private or personal, and it is unsurprising that your actions provoked not only irritation but anger."

He told them their actions had constituted a breach of the peace but that he would not impose a financial penalty. He admonished them.

Bank manager Kerry Skirving, 27, told the court that a colleague had asked the trio at the door to move to allow a delivery access.

She said: "They refused to move and started explaining why they were here."

Fiscal depute James O'Reilly asked her if she felt intimidated and she replied: "Personally I was, I didn't know what was going to happen."