Students discuss vote of no confidence

An emergency meeting of Edinburgh University Students Association is being held today to debate the future of two 
senior members.

Max Crema, vice-president of services, faces a vote of no confidence, while president James McAsh faces censure over his support of Mr Crema.

It is understood that this is the first time a no-confidence vote has been brought against a student officer.

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The controversy surrounds tweets sent by Mr Crema from his personal account, which resulted in him receiving a ten-week suspension from his post.

Mr Crema is also accused of not allowing students their say when EUSA adopted an anti-royal family stance on behalf of all students in the wake of Princess Anne being appointed chancellor of the university.

The motion of no confidence also refers to the gagging of Edinburgh University’s student newspaper, which was banned from printing an article by a court interdict.

Mr Crema said: “I understand that people are frustrated with some of the actions EUSA has taken this year. In my opinion the main problem we face is that we describe ourselves as a democratic organisation but are legally a charity.”

He added: “These tweets were written on my private Twitter account before I took office. This doesn’t excuse these tweets, they were immature, offensive and ill-thought out and I’ve apologised for them before.”