Student paramedic delivers baby in street

A STUDENT paramedic from the Capital came to the aid of an expectant mother and helped deliver her baby boy on the streets of a busy city centre.

Jon Wood, 27, was off duty when he noticed a heavily pregnant woman crying in pain outside the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham.

He noticed she was holding her maternity notes and when he went to see if she was okay it became apparent she was in labour.

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An ambulance had been called but was 15 minutes away and the closest response was a motorcycle paramedic.

Mr Wood, who is studying at the University of Worcester, snapped into action just in time.

He said: “The lady’s waters hadn’t broken but she said she could feel the baby was coming. I had just enough time to make her comfortable and begin my assessment.

“When she moved her hand away I could see the baby’s head.”

Motorcycle paramedic Steve Cooper arrived and minutes later the pair helped the woman deliver a healthy baby boy. The mother and baby were wrapped in coats before an ambulance took the new family to hospital.

Mr Wood said: “Thankfully, it was a normal and safe delivery with no complications and both mother and baby were fine.”