Stranding death whales examined

POST-MORTEM examinations were carried out yesterday on several of the 25 whales which died despite a desperate battle to save a stranded super pod at a Scottish beauty-spot.

Dozens of rescuers battled through Friday night to save the long-finned pilot whales at Durness, Sutherland. Around 40 are believed to have been saved and are back at sea.

The dead whales were part of a pod of around 70 that sparked stranding fears - which some locals blame on the military - in Durness. The Navy has confirmed it carried out explosions the day before the stranding.

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The whales to be examined include the mother and calf which are believed to have sparked the stranding. At least two whales were examined on Saturday.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue, which had around 20 rescuers on scene, scoured the coastline with coastguards on Saturday, but no more dead whales were found.