Starving dog abandoned with severe skin disease

A SEVERELY emaciated dog has been found tied to a lamppost after being abandoned while suffering from an agonising skin condition.

• Boris was found by Scottish SPCA staff in a poor state, with his bones visible through his coat

The spaniel, named Boris by his rescuers, was found in a car park on Saturday evening near Trinity Academy, off Craighall Road.

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The partially bald dog, which suffers from a severe skin disease, was so underweight that his ribs and bones could be seen through his coat.

Bizarrely, despite his terrible condition, Scottish SPCA rescuers reported that he had recently been clipped, probably by a professional groomer.

Charity workers are hoping that someone will remember treating the dog, which was also wearing a distinctive collar with "woof" written on the strap.

Scottish SPCA Inspector June Chalcroft said the team would nurse Boris back to health in forthcoming months.

She said: "It's early days. When we found the dog it was terrified and growled a bit, but it is actually really friendly.

"Boris appears to suffer from a chronic skin condition and over several months the skin has started to harden up his legs, chest, head and under his chin. He also has bald patches.

"It's hard to say why this dog was abandoned, but he was severely underweight and you could see his ribs and spine. His owner clearly did not supply adequate food or vet care.

"He has, however, been clipped, probably by a professional groomer. You have to wonder why you would get your dog groomed if you were not feeding it or providing proper care.

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"Sadly, Boris will have his condition for life and he will require ongoing treatment, but we are hopeful that we can start looking for a new home in a few months.

"Although he was terrified when we picked him up, he has now come out of his shell."

Ms Chalcroft urged anyone who recognises the dog to come forward.

"We are keen to identify who owned this dog as not only have they committed an offence by abandoning him but they have also allowed his health to deteriorate to such a poor condition," she said.

Boris is now being cared for at the charity's rescue and rehoming centre in Balerno. Anyone with information regarding Boris should call the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.

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