St Abbs lifeboat provided by teacakes donation

A year since the RNLI lifeboat sailed out of the harbour at St Abbs for the final time, Tunnocks teacakes and the community have successfully restored the service.

A modern day lifeboat has been given to St Abbs.

Numerous fundraising efforts in the community and a donation from Tunnocks has seen a new boat launched in the area, which is a popular diving location.

The nearby base at Eyemouth provided cover, however, the new boat launch will allow immediate cover in the area.

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Although a number of events had raised the profile of the cause and some funds for the campaign, the involvement of Boyd Tunnock, owner of the famous teacake and caramel wafer makers, proved to be the difference.

Boyd sent a donation of £10,000 which led to further talks with campaigners. He then agreed to put up £250,000 if the boat was baned the Thomas Tunnock in honour of both his grandfather and late brother.

The donation ensured that the service could resume in the area significantly earlier than planned.