Sporting champions team up for fitness drive

SPORTING stars from the Capital are joining forces to encourage residents to become more active.

The Activcity Sporting Champions are promoting sporting opportunities to people across Edinburgh to help the city become the most physically active in Europe by 2020.

Grace Reid, 13, is the youngest of the champions and has won international competitions for springboard diving.

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The other champions include judo internationalist Euan Burton and hockey player Graham Moodie, who has played in both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. He said: "I am delighted to be part of the Champions programme and help promote sport and physical opportunities."

Councillor Deidre Brock, the city's leisure leader, said: "Our sporting champions programme reflects the opportunities available to participate in sport and physical activities in Edinburgh, and our eight champions' dedication and commitment to their sports whilst combining their training with studies and family life is an inspiration to us all."