Spike in dangerous icicles

FIRE crews have been removing dangerous icicles from city streets.

The Cowgate was closed for half an hour as firefighters worked to remove the ice from both South Bridge and George IV Bridge, while traffic also had to be diverted while ice was removed from a building in Easter Road.

Crews also used a nine-metre ladder and hand tools to remove a five-metre long icicle from a building in Kirk Street in Leith.

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A fire service spokeswoman said there had been a spike in calls from members of the public concerned about the potentially dangerous icicles.

She said: "The public should be aware of this risk and avoid the perimeter of buildings to reduce the risk of injury from falling icicles, sliding snow or damaged gutters."

A city council spokeswoman said that property owners had a legal responsibility to keep their buildings safe.

She added that residents should not use ladders on ice, nor should people hang out of windows.