Spain: Bag fee sparks flight 'mutiny'

SPANISH police removed more than 100 passengers from a plane preparing to leave the Canary Islands after a large scuffle broke out on board.

Newspaper La Provincia said the disruption happened when low-cost airline Ryanair tried to charge one passenger extra for carry-on baggage and his friends aboard the plane "mutinied".

An interior ministry spokesman said the pilot was preparing for take-off at Guacimeta airport, Lanzarote, bound for Charleroi, Belgium, when she radioed for police assistance. Of the 168 passengers, only 64 were allowed to re-board Saturday's flight. The rest had to find other carriers or spend the night on Lanzarote.

Ryanair confirmed some passengers became "disruptive" after a requirement to pay a fee at the gate "for outsized luggage".