Son admits killing father during drunken joyride on motorbike

A MAN died in a "tragic" accident when he was thrown from the back of a motorcycle which was being ridden by his son, a court heard.

Ian Brand, 39, and his son, also Ian Brand, 20, had both been drinking at a family barbecue, and were riding the off-road bike on a dirt track.

Mr Brand was not wearing a helmet and he smashed against a concrete post.

He died from a massive brain haemorrhage.

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His son told police: "This is going to be on my conscience for the rest of my life… I'm going to jail for killing my dad.

"What's everyone gonna think of me?"

Brand, of Bank Street, Brechin, Angus, admitted causing the death of his father on 22 August, 2009, by driving carelessly and while under the influence of alcohol.

He was more than double the legal limit. He will be sentenced next month.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told that Mr Brand and his partner Helen Dunsmore - the accused's mother - held a barbecue at their home in Hillview, Brechin.

During the afternoon, a number of those present went off to a forest area, the Den of Leuchland or "the Denny", to use a Kawasaki KX 250 off-road motorcycle Brand's brother had just acquired.

"Both the accused and his brother, and two friends, took turns to ride the bike up and down a track without any apparent problems," said the advocate-depute Martin Macari.

Later, Mr Brand and his partner and others arrived, bringing more alcohol. He said he wanted to "have a go" on the back of the bike, although it was not designed for passengers.

"The accused was riding the bike and his father jumped on the back," said Mr Macari.

"Neither was wearing a crash helmet."

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Brand lost control and the bike struck a concrete fence post. He and his father were thrown off and landed nearby.

Mr Brand was unconscious and apparently not breathing.

An ambulance took him to hospital but doctors could find no signs of life. Brand failed a breath-test and was arrested. A pathologist found a severe brain haemorrhage and a large band of bruising on the right side of Mr Brand's neck.

The most likely cause of the fatal injury was his neck and shoulder hitting the concrete post, but it could have been caused by his head and shoulders striking the ground as he landed.

He had been heavily under the influence of drink and the alcohol "may have affected his self-presering reflexes as he fell."

Mr Macari said crash investigators had noted a muddy depression on the track. He added: "The officers confirmed the crash could have been caused by a slight error of judgment and that a similar thing could have happened to a sober rider. A pillion passenger may have affected the handling of the bike."Helen Dunsmore stated to the police: "This was an accident. Ian did not mean to hurt his dad."

None of the family have sought to involve themselves with the case.

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