Somerville seeks rethink on Leith biomass plant

LOTHIANS SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville has called for a major rethink over plans for a biomass plant in Leith.

She said the vast majority of residents she had consulted believed it was the wrong scheme in the wrong place.

Now she has written to Forth Energy explaining she would not support the current plans.

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She said: "Biomass does have a role in providing for Edinburgh's future energy needs but I cannot support this proposal unless Forth Energy listens to local concerns and makes major, large scale changes.

"The location is simply wrong – it's too close to housing, and in an area zoned for further residential development. The scale of the plant is too vast given the stunning skyline it will impinge upon and its impact on the local community.

"It's noticeable the biomass power stations Forth Energy wants to build in other Scottish ports would be half the capacity of the one proposed for Leith."

She also said Forth Energy had failed to prove the green credentials of the plant. "A power plant which imports much its wood from North America is about as far from a locally sustainable power station as you can get."

She said the company should carry out a proper consultation. She added: "Too many local people are completely in the dark about what is going on."