Sir Chris Hoy reveals how fatherhood changed him

Sir Chris Hoy and his son Callum. Picture: montageSir Chris Hoy and his son Callum. Picture: montage
Sir Chris Hoy and his son Callum. Picture: montage
Sir Chris Hoy has spoken for the first time about how fatherhood has changed him, since the birth of his baby son Callum 11 weeks early.

The Edinburgh Olympian said that his perspective on life has altered after the new addition to his family in October.

Sir Chris and his wife Sarra faced a tense wait following the birth, but the cycling star says young Callum is now doing much better.

“It’s changed me in many ways,” he told the Daily Mail.

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“Everyone says it, but you have a different perspective. You realise the things that are worth worrying about, the things that aren’t.

“Everyone says that once you have kids, you never stop worrying. There’s always something to worry about, no matter what age they are – 18 months or 18 years. You’ll always be worrying about them. You do start worrying about the things that are important.”

“It was such a surprise when he arrived 11 weeks early.

“The initial first few days and weeks were a bit worrying – a lot of concern. He was in incubators, intensive care. But he’s doing really well now.

“He’s healthy, happy and doing fine. He just needs to gain weight. He’s tripled his body weight since he was born. He’s still very small, he’s only about seven pounds. He’s a Hoy, so he won’t struggle putting on weight!”