Shopkeeper hits back at theft claims

A SHOPKEEPER said she had been left upset and angry by accusations she is exploiting a renowned bandleader's legacy by selling his former possessions.

Dawn Kirkwood-Niven, 46, owner of Alexa K vintage and curiosity store on Corstorphine High Street, has received a number of messages accusing her of "theft" and "dishonesty", as well as attempting to profiteer from the death of Royal favourite Cam Robbie.

It comes after the Evening News told how Ms Kirkwood-Niven, who also runs a property investment firm, found scores of artifacts from the bandleader's career in his former home on Cammo Road.

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Ms Kirkwood-Niven has now decided to put the items up for auction, but critics said she should have handed them over to the executors of the estate rather than selling them on for a profit.

She said: "I'd like to put the record straight. I purchased Cammo Road in January 2009, after Ann Stanley died.

"All the Cam Robbie articles were left in cupboards and the loft by house clearers and valuers for me to dump as they were not required.

"This was a life story that someone may be very interested in.

"If lawyers had their way, these items would all be in landfill by now.

"People should get their facts straight before taking the moral high ground."