Sheriff slams ‘soft-touch’ prosecutors

A SHERIFF has slammed the Crown Office, accusing it of promoting Scotland’s reputation for soft-touch justice.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis launched an attack on prosecutors for the way cases were being brought to court because they were limiting the jail terms which judges can impose. His comments came as a notorious thug and thief was prosecuted on a summary complaint for two high-value break-ins.

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The 23-year-old – who has a string of past convictions and recently served a substantial prison sentence – was accused of stealing more than £7000 worth of items from two homes at Perth Sheriff Court yesterday.

Sheriff Foulis said he was frustrated that any jail term would be limited to a single year instead of up to five years.

He said: “For this to be on a summary complaint . . . I mean, really? It is not a trial at this stage, so we are well aware of his previous offending history.”