Sheridan vs News of the World: the key exchanges in court

TS = Tommy SheridanBB = Bob Bird

TS: "Ten years ago you were at the heart of Wapping. You were part of the illegal culture of phone-tapping that has been widely criticised."

BB: "No, I was not."

TS: "You are now the editor of the Scottish News of the World. Is it your position that the illegal culture of Wapping is not practised here in Scotland?"

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BB: "I don't think there was any such culture in Wapping, and it's certainly not conducted in Scotland."

TS: "The message from the top of your organisation was to get Sheridan at any cost, whether by legal or illegal means."

BB: "No, that's not true."

TS: "Are you insisting that neither you nor your staff instructed (private investigator Glenn] Mulcaire, or any other private investigator, to carry out such activity?"

BB: "I certainly did not instruct that. I have no knowledge of that."

TS: "There was no four-year affair with Fiona McGuire; that's why she did not make the call. There was no visit to a swingers' club with Anvar Khan; that's why she did not make the call."

BB: "History will show Anvar was telling the truth, though."

TS: "There was no visit… you know that."

BB: "You know that is a joke."

TS: "You are squirming in the witness box."

BB: "No."