Sheridan: How the list has been whittled down

IN THE original indictment, Tommy Sheridan faced two charges. The first was of trying to persuade Colin Fox, of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), to give perjured evidence in the 2006 case. The second was of Sheridan committing perjury by making 15 false statements.

Since the trial began, the first charge has been dropped and the second cut to 11 statements, mainly after the Crown withdrew allegations about the so-called Moat House Hotel incident, where Sheridan was supposed to have taken part in a sex party. The remaining elements concerned his alleged lying about a meeting of the SSP's executive committee in November 2004, and about affairs with Anvar Khan and Katrine Trolle, and going with them to Cupid's swingers' club in Manchester.

After the latest deletions, all those areas where he is said to have lied are still included. In its new form, the charge has three instances of alleged perjury connected to the meeting, whereas previously there were eight.