Sexual predator abused bedridden girl, 14

A manipulative predator who molested a vulnerable, bedridden school pupil before targeting other underage girls during a catalogue of abuse was warned he faced a long prison sentence today.

James Lochrie was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry
James Lochrie was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry

James Lochrie carried out sex acts on the 14-year-old after visiting her at her home in a West Lothian town while her mother was at work.

Another victim who was sexually assaulted by Lochrie at a house in a village in West Lothian told a court that the abuse left her feeling “used, dirty, uncomfortable”.

The teenager said that Lochrie put a hand over mouth as he carried out the sex attack on her at the age of 13.

A friend of the girl told the High Court in Edinburgh that she later informed her Lochrie was “a paedophile”.

Lochrie, 41, also went on to have underage sex with a girl, aged 14, in Glasgow and her mother found a message from him on her daughter’s phone.

In it Lochrie said he was “gutted” because the girl had been in her bra and pants for three nights and he had missed it. He urged the child who was on a visit in England to send him a picture.

A judge told Lochrie: “You stand convicted now of extremely serious sexual offending.”

Lord Pentland said that evidence at his trial demonstrated he was “a dangerous, manipulative and calculating sexual predator”.

He told Lochrie: “Society has an abhorrence of the sexual abuse of children.”

“In the dreadful circumstances of the present case it is inevitable that I will, in due course, sentence you to a lengthy period of imprisonment,” said the judge.

Lord Pentland said he had “no hesitation” in refusing a defence motion to allow Lochrie to remain on bail while a background report is prepared on him ahead of sentencing next month and remanded him in custody.

Lochrie, of Oaktree Gardens, Castlemilk, in Glasgow, had faced a string of sexual offence charges during a trial. He denied indecency towards the first victim, assault on the second and unlawful sexual intercourse with the third underage girl, but was unanimously found guilty of the offences by a jury.

The trial heard that the first victim had revealed to a family doctor in 2008 that she had been sexually abused by him and was getting counselling.

The girl had been told to take bed rest after contracting a viral infection in 2006 and during a visit Lochrie had asked the 14-year-old if anything had happened between her and her boyfriend.

The victim, now aged 23, said she was “quite young” and nothing had happened but Lochrie “went on to tell me he could explain to me the sexual things that do go on”.

She said Lochrie took off his trousers and during subsequent abuse carried out a sex act. He later got the girl to perform a sex act on him which made her feel sick.

Lochrie denied climbing into bed with the youngster and said: “There is none of it true.”

He also denied that he had given the second girl vodka, cigarettes and cannabis. One victim, who was abused by him in 2013, told the court that he had given her money and alcohol.

He told one girl, who he sent a Valentine’s card, that if she revealed what was going on he would go to jail. He told another victim that she would not be believed.

He claimed that he did not know why the third girl had come to court and said she had a sexual relationship with him.

The teenager said Lochrie sometimes had sex with her five times a week.

He agreed that he was “quite a touchy, feely person” and added: “I was like that probably with everybody I came in contact with.”

But advocate depute Steven Borthwick told jurors that it was Lochrie’s “own selfish sexual gratification” that drove his behaviour.

The prosecutor told the jury: “You may reach the view that James Lochrie is a manipulative, predatory sex offender.”

Lochrie, formerly of Broxburn, in West Lothian, was placed on the sex offenders register.