Scottish unemployment falls by 6,000

SCOTLAND’S jobless total is continuing to fall with the number of people out of work down by 6,000, according to the latest figures today.

The number of unemployed Scots has fallen by 6,000. Picture: TSPL
The number of unemployed Scots has fallen by 6,000. Picture: TSPL

It means there are now 190,000 Scots on the dole queue.

The number of people with a job is also rising and now stands at 2.56 million, after an increase of 15,000 in the three months to the end of January this year.

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Across the UK, the jobless total fell by 63,000 in the quarter to January to 2.33 million. Just over 30 million people are now in jobs

UK-wide, up by 459,000 on a year ago, the highest figure since records began in 1971.

The Scottish unemployment rate is 6.9 percent, which is below the average of 7.2 per cent for the whole of the UK.

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael said: “Creating the environment where businesses can create jobs and get people into employment is central to the government’s long-term economic plan to build a stronger, more competitive economy.

“Today’s figures show this plan is working for Scotland - that means more people into work and a Scottish economy that is going from strength to strength within the UK.”

The number of Scots on Jobseekers Allowance has now fallen for 16 consecutive months and is now 30,400 lower compared to a year ago. It now stands at 106,800.

Scottish education secretary Michael Russell said the figures were “testament” to the work of firms across Scotland and the policies of the Scottish Government

But he added: “Economic conditions remain challenging, in particular for young people trying to gain employment, however, the youth employment rate in Scotland is above that of the UK as a whole, and the Government is committed to improving opportunities, including our unique guarantee of an offer of a place in training or education for all 16 to 19-year-olds, and 25,000 new Modern Apprenticeships every year.”