Scottish teen sent X-rated pics to man's parents and colleagues in blackmail bid

The man's horrified parents, as well as his friends and colleagues, were sent an X-rated snap by Wilson. Picture: Stock image/JPIMedia
The man's horrified parents, as well as his friends and colleagues, were sent an X-rated snap by Wilson. Picture: Stock image/JPIMedia
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A teen who met an older man online tried to blackmail him out of thousands of pounds by sending revenge porn snaps to his family, a court heard.

Ashleigh Wilson, 18, met her victim online and began exchanging intimate photos.

But in a bid to get the man to hand over up to £3,000, Wilson threatened to send the racy pictures to his friends and family.

Wilson initially demanded £100, claiming she was behind on rent, but the demands rapidly increased.

The man's horrified parents, as well as his friends and colleagues, were sent an X-rated snap by Wilson.

She met her victim online and they exchanged sexual fantasies, while the man, from Ayr, South Ayrshire, sent her the photo she later circulated.

Fiscal Depute Laurin Campbell said "In terms of the conduct in question, the complainer and accused were messaging each other and the content soon became sexual with both sharing sexual fantasies with one another.

"During that time, a sexually explicit image was exchanged.

"The accused then began asking the complainer for sums of money as she stated that she was behind on rent and was being evicted from her home.

"The accused then threatened the complainer that if he did not give her £100 she would share the image she has of him.

"The complainer refused to provide the money and blocked the accused and stopped all contact with her."

In a bid to escape Wilson's attentions, the man made a new Facebook profile - but she continued to demand cash.

Ms Campbell added:"The complainer ignored this, however the accused had messaged since again stating to handover £3,000 to her or the image she had of him would be shared with his friends and family members.

"Feeling intimidated by this the complainer engaged in conversation with the accused trying to prevent her from doing so.

"However, every time he engaged in replying to a message, the accused would send another message saying the image would be sent."

Wilson sent the picture to the man's mum, dad and partner, who were said to be 'alarmed'.

Colleagues were also sent the snap, before Wilson began using Snapchat to contact her victim.

Ms Campbell said: "She messaged him demanding £800 or the photo would be distributed.

"He ignored, however it soon became known to him that she had sent the image to a number of people and to people from within his place of work."

Wilson was taken to a police station, and told police "Is it that boy from Ayr? I know what this is all about".

At Ayr Sheriff Court she pleaded guilty to Attempted Extortion, Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016 S2 (1) and Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 S38(1).

Defending, solicitor Stephen Maguire said: "To involve other people was inexcusable.

"Her perspective is the complainer is a few years older than she is.

"He contacted her initially and matters progressed from there and she recalls being blocked at one stage then being unblocked as the complainer tried to get back in touch with her again.

"He takes a different view of course.

"She does regret involving other people by contacting his parents and contacting his employers.

"She felt annoyed and aggravated by his conduct.

"She realises this could be worthy the consideration of custody."

Sentencing, Sheriff Liam Murphy said: "These are serious offences which you pled guilty to which you well understand caused a significant impact on this man and those close to him and those who employ him.

"I'm going to approach this case on the basis of the narrative presented to me by the Crown and also the specification of each of the charges you pled guilty to."
Wilson was given 120 hours of unpaid work.