Scottish shopping centre dubbed '˜Grinch-like' for refusing to stage nativity scene

Managers at a Scottish shopping centre have been called '˜Grinch-like' for refusing to stage a nativity scene as part of their Christmas display.

Management at the centre say they are 'religiously neutral'. Picture: Gerald England/Geograph

Bosses at Thistles in Stirling decided against hosting any form of religious display stating that the centre “prides itself on being religiously and politically neutral”.

A spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh told the Sun that they thought the move was a “little Grinch-like” for the Thistles Shopping Centre to “ban the Christmas crib” and added that “in the true spirit of Christmas”, they would “ask them to reconsider their decision”.

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A spokeswoman from the Church of Scotland added: “We find it very disappointing that the true meaning of Christmas has been completely lost here.

“When a shopping centre can focus purely on commercialism to the exclusion of the reason for the celebration of Christmas it is a sad day for all of us.”

The centre management even refused a request from local MP to reconsider, writing in their response: “We will not be willing to reconsider the application any further and hope that this final decision is accepted.”