Scottish protesters say Donald Trump has “no regard for human decency”

Bands of protesters made their way to Donald Trump’s golf resort and in the hope of sending their message to the US President.

Bands of protesters made their way to Donald Trump’s golf resort and in the hope of sending their message to the US President.

They gathered on the beach adjoining the famous golf links where the US President was expected to play golf.

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They were met by numerous police officer who had fanned across the beach to secure the golf course.

With Ailsa Craig and the famous Turnberry lighthouse in the background, marksmen looked down on the course from scaffolding and a police boat patrolled the sea.

Cries of “Donald, Donald...naebody likes you,” rang across the dunes as the protesters chanted “Trump is a racist. Trump is liar.”

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One of the leading demonstrators was the commedienne Janey Godley, who was brandishing her placard saying “Trump is a c***”.

Ms Godley said: “This is a man who has no regard for human decency. Any man that doesn’t respect women doesn’t deserve any kind of state visit. I mean even the Queen must have boaked up in the toilet. His politics are abhorrent. He’s enabled racism. He’s given the right wing the right to do Nazi salutes in the street.

“That’s why I’m protesting against Trump,” she added before yelling: “That and the caging of babies - you big fat roaster.”

As they waited for Mr Trump to appear on the golf course, they were joined by the Green MSP Ross Greer, who said: “This is a man who brags about the sexual assault of women and who throws babies into cages. That is not acceptable in a civilised world and we want to show him he is not welcome in Scotland.”

Hugh Taylor,67, of Moniaive, Dumfries and Galloway, grew up in the Turnberry area. He recalled learning to swim in the Turnberry Hotle pool long before it was taken over by the Trump organisation.

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He also caddied on the golf course. Aged seven his parents had taken him to try and see President Eisenhower when he was staying at nearby Culzean Castle, which the US General was gifted as a thank-you from the people of Scotland for his role in the war.

“I think I saw him in his car, but I remember my parents telling me what a great man he was. It is sad when you compare him with Trump. Trump is a bawbag. I think the man is a boor. I know the UK Government is picking up the tab, but it is coming out of our pockets. He is here to enjoy himself and play golf. Therefore he should pay for his own security. He is a disgusting creature. I think he is truly evil.”

Graham Creelman,70, a retired journalist with ITV and BBC, said: “I don’t disagree with the right of the American people to elect him. But his racist attitudes, his attitude towards women, his attitude towards the environment, trade and health care for poorer Americans is what I object to. It seems, to me, dispicable that this country should invite him here and give him a kind of credibility. That we are not standing up to him is worrying. There is something insidious about just going along with it.”