Scottish independence: 'PM Boris Johnson' would be SNP's worst nightmare, says Ross Thomson

Boris Johnson would be the SNP's "worst nightmare" as Prime Minister, a Scots Tory MSP has said.
Boris Johnson is "committed to strengthening the union"Boris Johnson is "committed to strengthening the union"
Boris Johnson is "committed to strengthening the union"

The Tory leadership frontrunner will "energise" voters north of the border and is committed to strengthening the United Kingdom, according to Aberdeen South MSP Ross Thomson.

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He spoke out as Nicola Sturgeon insisted that Mr Johnson becoming Prime Minister would be "disastrous" for Scots Tories, while a Sunday Time poll suggested his accession could tip Scots to vote for independence

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But Mr Thomson said: "I think as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is absolutely committed go strengthening our United Kingdom

"And we've actually seen polls previously, including one that was on Guido Fawkes, saying that Boris Johnson himself is more popular than Jeremy Corbyn in Scotland.

"I believe that Boris can take the fight to the SNP.

"They may talk it up as their dream, but I think he may end up being the SNP's worst nightmare - someone who has the ability to win over voters who are not naturally Conservative, somebody who has the ability to connect with people and energise them, something he did when he came to Aberdeen and he'll do that as Prime Minister."