Scottish independence: Holyrood must control future vote, says council leader

Holding a future independence referendum should be under the control of the Scottish Parliament, according to the leader of Glasgow City Council.
SNP leader of Glasgow City Council Susan Aitken.SNP leader of Glasgow City Council Susan Aitken.
SNP leader of Glasgow City Council Susan Aitken.

In a motion lodged at the local authority ahead of a meeting on Thursday, the SNP's Susan Aitken will urge councillors to back her call for Holyrood to have authority over the referendum process.

Ms Aitken will also ask councillors to support her in writing to the Scottish Government's Constitutional Relations Secretary, Mike Russell, in support of principles which include the referendum is held "in line with established

best practice".

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• READ MORE: Nicola Sturgeon 'absolutely confident' Scots are ready to vote for independenceIn her motion, Ms Aitken states: "Council welcomes the publication of the Referendums (Scotland) Bill on May 29 and notes that it is expected to complete its parliamentary progress by the end of 2019.

"Council notes that the Bill provides a legal framework for holding referendums on matters that are now, or in future, within the competence of the Scottish Parliament."

It continues: "Council recognises that, as Scotland is dragged towards the exit door of the EU by a Conservative Government for which we did not vote, and that the promises made by the No Campaign in the 2014 independence referendum lie in tatters, citizens in Glasgow and across Scotland are entitled to exercise their right to reject this future through a further referendum on independence.

"Council agrees that a future independence referendum should be under the control of the Scottish Parliament and, under the guidance of the Electoral

Commission, be fair and open, in line with established best practice, and command public confidence, and instructs the Leader of the Council to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations in support of these principles and of the aims of the Referendums (Scotland) Bill."

As well as outlining her support for an independence referendum to be controlled by Holyrood, Ms Aitken also notes Scotland's 62 per cent Remain vote in the EU referendum of 2016 and states concern over Tory leadership candidates who have outlined plans to leave the EU without a deal.