Scottish football game delayed as referee subbed after “spewing in centre circle”

A Scottish football match was halted as the referee threw up in the middle of the pitch on Wednesday night.

A general view of Huntly's Christie Park. Picture: Colin Smith/Creative Commons

Huntly’s Highland League clash with Lossiemouth at Christie Park was briefly held up as referee Paul McAvinue vomited in the centre circle shortly before the half-hour mark.

Updates on Lossiemouth’s Twitter feed read: “Game delayed temporarily while the referee spews in the centre circle.”

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Two minutes later, a second update added: “That’s him done yakking up his tea and we’re on the go again.”

The tweets from Lossiemouth FC

Huntly’s account confirmed events: “Stoppage in play while Referee Paul McAvinue has a spew.”

The whistler was too ill too continue, with a replacement official brought in for the second period.

Assistant referee Davy Robertson assumed refereeing duties while Brian Fowlie “came out of the stand to run the line over on the shed side”, according to Huntly.

Lossiemouth’s initial tweet has been retweeted more than 500 times and has accrued more than 700 likes at the time of writing.

In May 2017, assistant referee Andrew McWilliam was jokingly shown a red card by referee Craig Thomson after throwing up while running the line during a match between Kilmarnock and Dundee at Rugby Park.