Scotland flooding: These 17 photos show the chaos caused by torrential rain in Edinburgh and Fife

Edinburgh and Fife suffered torrential downpours yesterday (24 June) with flash flooding experienced across the regions.

Traffic battles with the flood water in Edinburgh (Photo: TSPL)

Half a month’s worth of rain fell in just three hours causing widespread transport disruption in both Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy.

A man measures the depth of flood water on Kirkcaldys promenade.

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Heavy rain saw homes, roads and pavements overcome by rain water.
MSP Christine Jardine's office was flooded following the torrential rain.
Trams in Edinburgh were cancelled due to the flooding. This was the scene at Bankhead station.
An ambulance navigates large puddles following the torrential rain in Fife.
The Water of Leith was at a very high level and was running very quickly following the rain.
Cars were forced to drive through deep puddles following flash flooding.
Flood water in Kirkcaldy.
A taxi battles the floodwaters in Edinburgh.
Flooding affected Maybury Road in Edinburgh.
A car attempts to make it through deep flooding in Edinburgh, where many roads were impassable.
A drain at Deas Wharf, Kirkcaldy, wrecked by a torrential downpour which caused major flooding in the town centre.
The Water of Leith was at full force following the rain.
It was not just private cars needing to traverse the conditions. Here a fire engine makes its way through flood water.
This was the scene at South Gyle in the capital.
Cars battle through deep flood water in Kirkcaldy.
A motorcyclist wades through flood water.