Nicola Sturgeon steps up demands for independence referendum after Brexit deal

Nicola Sturgeon has stepped up calls for a fresh referendum on independence in response to the Brexit deal strike between the UK Government and EU.
Nicola Sturgeon has stepped calls for indyref2Nicola Sturgeon has stepped calls for indyref2
Nicola Sturgeon has stepped calls for indyref2

The First Minister today made it clear that SNP MPs will not support the agreement reached today, insisting it was not a future she "envisaged for Scotland."

Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie today insisted that Scots want "nothing to do with Brexit Britain" with the country having voted in favour of remaining in the EU in 2016.

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But she added: "What is absolutely clear is that it would take Scotland out of the European Union, out of the single market and out of the customs union against the overwhelming democratic will of the people of Scotland.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit in any form, and SNP MPs will not vote for Brexit in any form – especially when it is clear that Scotland, alone of the nations of the UK, is being treated unfairly."

Ms Sturgeon this week demanded that a second referendum must be staged next year during a keynote speech at SNP conference.

And she added: “It cannot be right that Scotland alone is facing an outcome it did not vote for – that is democratically unacceptable and makes a mockery of claims that the UK is in any way a partnership of equals.

“The Brexit envisaged by Boris Johnson is one which sees a much looser relationship with the EU when it comes to issues like food standards, environmental protections and workers’ rights. That is not the future that I or my government envisage for Scotland.

“And in the circumstances which now prevail it is clearer than ever that the best future for Scotland is one as an equal, independent European nation. That is a choice I am determined to ensure is given to the people of Scotland.”

Mr Harvie joined the calls for a repeat of the 2014 vote, which has so far been ruled out by the UK Government.

He said: “The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in 2016.

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"Since then the UK Government has treated Scotland with contempt, rebuffed any attempts at compromise, and fatally undermined the devolution settlement.

"The people must now be given a say over the future direction of our country; do they want Scotland to be an independent country in Europe, or do they want us to remain shackled to Boris Johnson’s little England.”