Netflix transforms Scottish harbour into Falklands to film The Crown

Film crews have begun transforming a Scots harbour into the set of hit Netflix series The Crown.

Production teams for the Netflix TV series The Crown construct various out buildings on Lybster Harbour in Caithness. The set will replicate Port Leith in South Georgia. Picture: SWNS

Production of the award winning drama starring Oscar-winner Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, is up to the fourth season and will focus on the Falklands War.

Shooting will take place later this month at Lybster Harbour near Wick, Caithness.

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The harbour will be transformed to look like Port Leith in Southern Georgia, where Argentinian scrap metal merchants arrived on the island in March 1982.

In the first two series of The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II was played by Claire Foy. British actress Olivia Colman has taken the mantle for the upcoming series.

This was fed back to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which contributed to the start of the Falklands War.

Locals in the area received letters notifying them of the filming which is set to start on September 18 from 8am till 7pm.

Construction and prop teams arrived on Monday and will complete the set on September 17.

Access to the harbour will be restricted to the public, as outbuildings are constructed and scrap metal is delivered to the site, but access for fisherman and staff and visitors at the Waterline Heritage Centre will be as normal.

Depending on weather conditions, filming could also take place on September 19.

The third and fourth seasons will chart the post-war events during the reign of Elizabeth II, portrayed from the perspectives of the Queen and her Prime Ministers.

The third season of the historical drama is set to be released on November 17.