Exam dates Scotland 2020: when are National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams?

As the new school year begins, here is the full list of dates for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams in 2020.

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

Monday 27 April 2020National 5 German Higher German Advanced Higher GermanHigher Physical Education

Tuesday 28 April 2020National 5 GeographyHigher GeographyAdvanced Higher GeographyNational 5 Cruinn-eòlasHigher Cruinn-eòlasAdvanced Higher Cruinn-eòlas

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Wednesday 29 April 2020National 5 Practical ElectronicsNational 5 GàidhligHigher GàidhligAdvanced Higher GàidhligNational 5 SpanishHigher SpanishAdvanced Higher Spanish

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Thursday 30 April 2020National 5 PhysicsHigher PhysicsAdvanced Higher Physics

Friday 1 May 2020National 5 EachdraidhHigher EachdraidhAdvanced Higher EachdraidhNational 5 History Higher HistoryAdvanced Higher History

Monday 4 May 2020Higher EnglishAdvanced Higher English

Tuesday 5 May 2020National 5 EnglishNational 5 Practical MetalworkingAdvanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics

Wednesday 6 May 2020National 5 FrenchHigher FrenchAdvanced Higher FrenchHigher PhotographyAdvanced Higher Statistics

Thursday 7 May 2020National 5 Administration and ITHigher Administration and IT National 5 Environmental ScienceHigher Environmental Science

Monday 11 May 2020National 5 Gnìomhachas MatamataigsHigher MatamataigAdvanced Higher MatamataigNational 5 Applications of MathematicsHigher Mathematics Advanced Higher MathematicsNational 5 Music TechnologyHigher Music Technology

Tuesday 12 May 2020National 5 MathematicsNational 5 Engineering ScienceHigher Engineering ScienceAdvanced Higher Engineering Science

Wednesday 13 May 2020National 5 BiologyHigher Biology Higher Human BiologyAdvanced Higher Biology

Thursday 14 May 2020National 5 Design and ManufactureHigher Design and ManufactureAdvanced Higher Design and ManufactureNational 5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical StudiesHigher Religious Moral and Philosophical StudiesAdvanced Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Friday 15 May 2020National 5 Nuadh-eòlasHigher Nuadh-eòlasAdvanced Higher Nuadh-eòlasNational 5 Modern StudiesHigher Modern StudiesAdvanced Higher Modern Studies

Monday 18 May 2020National 5 Business ManagementHigher Business ManagementAdvanced Higher Business ManagementNational 5 Gaelic (Learners)Higher Gaelic (Learners)Advanced Higher Gaelic (Learners) National 5 SociologyHigher Sociology

Tuesday 19 May 2020National 5 ChemistryHigher ChemistryAdvanced Higher Chemistry

Wednesday 20 May 2020National 5 Classical StudiesHigher Classical StudiesAdvanced Higher Classical StudiesNational 5 DanceHigher Dance

Thursday 21 May 2020National 5 Business ManagementHigher LatinAdvanced Higher LatinHigher Politics

Friday 22 May 2020National 5 Art and DesignHigher Art and DesignNational 5 EconomicsHigher EconomicsAdvanced Higher Economics National 5 Practical Cake Craft

Monday 25 May 2020National 5 PhilosophyHigher PhilosophyHigher English for Speakers of Other Languages

Tuesday 26 May 2020National 5 Health and Food Technology Higher Health and Food TechnologyAdvanced Higher Health and Food Technology National 5 English for Speakers of Other Languages

Wednesday 27 May 2020National 5 ItalianHigher ItalianAdvanced Higher ItalianNational 5 MusicHigher Music Advanced Higher Music

Thursday 28 May 2020National 5 Graphic CommunicationHigher Graphic CommunicationAdvanced Higher Graphic CommunicationNational 5 DramaHigher Drama

Friday 29 May 2020National 5 AccountingHigher AccountingAdvanced Higher AccountingNational 5 Fashion and Textile TechnologyHigher Fashion and Textile TechnologyNational 5 Practical Woodworking

Monday 1 June 2020National 5 Media Higher Media

Tuesday 2 June 2020National 5 Computing ScienceHigher Computing ScienceAdvanced Higher Computing ScienceNational 5 Practical CookeryHigher Childcare and DevelopmentNational 5 UrduHigher Urdu

Wednesday 3 June 2020National 5 CareHigher CareNational 5 PsychologyHigher Psychology

Thursday 4 June 2020National 5 CantoneseHigher CantoneseAdvanced Higher CantoneseNational 5 Mandarin SimplifiedHigher Mandarin SimplifiedAdvanced Higher Mandarin SimplifiedNational 5 Mandarin TraditionalHigher Mandarin TraditionalAdvanced Higher Mandarin Traditional