EU urged to "leave a light on" for independent Scotland by Fiona Hyslop

EU leaders have been urged to "leave a light on" for Scotland by the External Affairs Secretary who says the country is ready to vote for independence and rejoin the Brussels bloc.

Fiona Hyslop issued appeal to EU chiefs
Fiona Hyslop issued appeal to EU chiefs

Fiona Hyslop was making a keynote speech at the German Symposium, a keynote conference featuring Bundestag leaders in London today.

The event included speeches from the German health minister Jens Spahn and Dr Robert Habeck, leader of the German Green Party.

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Ms Hyslop spelled out Scottish Government demands for an independence referendum so the country can "thrive as an independent country at the heart of the EU."

"At the end of December, the Scottish Government published ‘Scotland’s right to choose’, which sets out in detail the democratic case for giving the people of Scotland a choice about their future, specifically a referendum on independence," Ms Hyslop stated.

"It is not about the benefits of independence, but rather the right of the people of Scotland to choose."

The UK Government has control over the constitution in Scotland and Boris Johnson has rejected SNP calls for a transfer of power which would allow a vote to take place.

Referring to the vote at Holyrood last week calling for a referendum to be staged, with the Scottish Government seeking to hold it this year, Ms Hyslop said there was "no easy shortcut" to independence.

"The Scottish Government is committed to a lawful, constitutional referendum, the result of which will be respected in the UK, the EU, and internationally," Ms Hyslop added.

Polls over the past week have shown a small majority of Scots in favour of independence.

"If 52% in the EU referendum is enough to proclaim the ‘will of the people’ be heard, then surely the people of Scotland also deserve their say," the Cabinet Secretary went on.

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"We believe that Scotland has the right to choose its own future and that the best option is for Scotland to be an independent country in the EU," she said.

"Until that happens, we ask our friends in Europe to please leave a light on so we can find our way home."