Scottish Independence: Protesters demand revote

Pro-independence campaigners gathered outside the Scottish Parliament for the second day in a row, this time to demand a revote of the September 18 referendum.

The protesters outside the Scottish Parliament. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach

While yesterday’s “Rally For A Revote” saw the return of Saltires and Yes banners to Holyrood, it did not match the turnout for the “Voice Of The People” rally held on Saturday, when up 3000 people were in attendance.

The grassroots event dubbed “Rally For A Revote” was largely promoted through social media.

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It came as the number of signatures on a petition calling for a “revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties” reached almost 94,000.

The petition goes on to cite “countless evidences of fraud” documented during the referendum count.

Chief counting officer Mary Pitcaithly has already said she was satisfied that all counts throughout Scotland were properly conducted and scrutinised.

A third rally for the independence campaign is to be held outside Holyrood on November 29.