Scotsman games review: Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Ed.

IF Diablo is the shining example of the dungeon crawler, this new edition of the title offers the most exhaustive vision yet of Blizzard’s ambitious and addictive oeuvre.

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition. Picture: Contributed

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed) / Playstation 4 / Xbox 360 / Playstation 3

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Score: 8.9 / 10

A labyrinthine experience that sucks the player into its fantasy world, its innumerable quests and challenges provide weeks if not months of gameplay as you transform your humble hero into an all conquering behemoth.

For console owners unfamiliar with the subgenre Blizzard have made their own, the opening few hours of Diablo III is an exercise in misdirection. The linear game design places the emphasis firmly on combat and looting and initially the core hack and slash mechanic seems boiled down to the point of being simplistic. Play on, however, and you will discover an impeccably honed reward and progression system that demands nothing less than your undivided attention.

Blizzard’s greatest trick is its character classes

Blizzard’s greatest trick is its character classes. Cosmetically, they may seem like the stereotypical fare of any number of action RPGs, but they have a hidden depth that encourages the player to loot, upgrade and customise their protagonist in any number of ways. There is a gradual difficulty curve, but the game is quick to punish those players who give no thought to the skills or weaponry required to dispense with some its hardier foes.

Its move to the Xbox One is seamless, with well thought out adaptations of the classic keyboard and mouse controls and graphics that rival those of a top-end PC. Online too, the matchmaking system makes co-operative play the natural choice, provided you team up with those who do not dwell for too long on rummaging through their inventory in search of the ideal items. At is fast paced best, the game harks back to classic co-op fare like Gauntlet.

Offered a bustling party bag from the get go

The overall package of the Ultimate Evil Edition is comprehensive to say the least and demonstrates the developer’s desire not simply to hurl extras the way of the next gen versions, but substantially improve upon and tweak the existing body of the game. Whereas PC player have endured a near constant patching process, those buying the game on Xbox One or Playstation 4 are offered a bustling party bag from the get go, stuffed with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, new modes, the ability to mail items to friends, and general improvements to the skills system.


1) Use your blacksmith as soon as possible and salvage items. This is the best way of getting high quality items at an affordable price.

2) Some of the loot you gather may seem useless, but it always has a worth. Sell items from your stash regularly as the money comes in handy as the game goes on.

3) Don’t spend any time listening or reading to the dialogue. The story in Diablo is patently nonsense and skipping it is in no way a barrier to progresss.