The Scotsman Crossword and yesterday's solution 14/05/20

Here’s today’s Scotsman cryptic crossword grid and clues, along with yesterday’s answers.

20-04-2017. Picture Michael Gillen. The Falkirk Herald Prize Crossword.
20-04-2017. Picture Michael Gillen. The Falkirk Herald Prize Crossword.

This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print the grid off to complete.


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1 Worked out how to convert bonds, etc, into money (8)

Scotsman crossword 14/5/20

5 About to take a politician to an American university grounds (6)

9 Get some ammunition in an official report (8)

10 Show real staying power, so can have a great effect (6)

12 At first sight, get to agree about the way to isolate some people (9)

Solution 13/05/20

13 One may have common sense, at the end, but it’s futile (2,3)

14 One scheme, in fact, is at its best at Easter (6)

17 That is inside standard rules (2,3)

20 Get near a development used for sporting contests (5)

21 A medical officer led soldiers, at last, but not for long (6)

24 Approach a house with determination to succeed there (5)

25 Draw attention to a place that’s falling short (9)

28 First university trial arranged for a form of ceremonial (6)

29 Moved abroad with a Russia fighter who was valued at the end (8)

30 A runner and writer getting together made them more profound (6)

31 May connect, say, inside move to send a team down to a lower level (8)


1 Run round statue in good shape (6)

2 Claim in court that everyone, say, expected to open up (6)

3 A girl named for peace, in fact, was able to inspire new members ... (5)

4 ... and a girl called Heather was in order, I can guarantee (5)

6 At pressure, say, when surviving scrutiny (9)

7 Had to drop cure designed to be secured (8)

8 Some groups embrace good workers in various sections (8)

11 Was about to judge, in the past, how to buy things back (6)

15 Deadlock involved last team, at the end (9)

16 Did an old gangster get the bulk of the money? Nearly (6)

18 Rod, at the end, took on a left-winger who had lost his way (8)

19 Disparage those who want to live like the opposite of 27 down (8)

22 In ancient Greece, she was a good girl (6)

23 For example, marks return of dull, uninteresting food (6)

26 Get round to be able to bear fruit (5)

27 Is at liberty to grow very big (5)