The Scotsman Crossword and yesterday's answers 4/6/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword and clues, along with the solution for yesterday.

Scotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print out and complete.


3 Is about to join a preliminary race, in an attempt to deceive (5)

Thursday's crossword
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8 It’s real. In fact, it’s undeniable (6)

9 For example, left 11 across characters forcing the rest into a cavity (6)

10 Leave on board ship with one passenger starting to talk a lot (6)

11 Produced some heraldic silver, with little hesitation, in exchange (8)

Wednesday's solution

12 and 29 Excellent way to pass information to those in control (3-3)

13 Flow smoothly, right at the end, but it lacks power (6)

14 Two hands get to mix things up, in order to get involved ... (8)

17 ... and does it more than once for confused parents (7)

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19 An eminent composer went down a storm, at the end (7)

23 Gets to right people, at times, but it bothers them (8)

27 After work, ask the question of how to resist (6)

29 See 12 across

30 Mean to get a hat made up for a pariah (8)

31 Show ability to tell a story to new teachers, initially (6)

32 Amble along the street when one’s in the zone (6)

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33 Work for a long time on musical compositions (6)

34 Industrial city producing essential items In Germany (5)


1 Although second class, turn over a manuscript, for instance (6)

2 On the wrong team, a top runner was the odd one out (8)

3 Applaud role being reprised, although it’s baloney (8)

4 Got away in two directions, and point to a band, at last (7)

5 An old seadog had to get to his objective (6)

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6 A good man had the last word, describing part of a plant (6)

7 Hollow out an underground passage in a burrow (6)

13 Following a good run, take some food. It’s sublime (5)

15 and 18 Positive reaction, twice over, to a squirrel-like lemur (3-3)

16 Run off to match in a model operation (5)

18 See 15 down

20 At short notice, had a choice to take another on (8)

21 At first, storeman piles up various goods (8)

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22 Look out for landed properties in Oriental countries (7)

24 Get near to producing fancy decoration (6)

25 Move to get an annual test before one working there (6)

26 Want the French to irritate other people (6)

28 Wood used to make footwear for the beach, say (6)