The Scotsman Crossword and yesterday's answers 19/6/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid, along with the clues and solution for Thursday.


This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off to complete.


1 Befuddled by alcohol, transformed by launch of conversion into proud national (8)

Friday's crossword
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5 All of hotel assembled before tea was announced (3,3)

10 English Royal Society cattle seen on Scottish bridge (7)

11 Am loner unfortunately, as former hospital worker (7)

12 Abandon in rough vegetation (5)

Solution for Thursday

13 Gemstone shattered _ yes, I greet (6,3)

14 Plutocrat places value on name, at first almost mere repetition (8,6)

17 Another company’s equivalent may be against putting computers in to maths (8,6)

21 Considers the idea of drama’s repartee at front of house (5,4)

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23 Amin to overturn fool (5)

24 Thus Charles, for example, was very wet (7)

25 Safe house that’s ghastly when single-end’s altered (7)

26 Last ewe didn’t get stuffed but boiled (6)

27 Gets to know how software is costlier (8)


1 Stalin-era organisation in small sovereign state originally hot-headed (6)

2 Old boys ever prepared to look on (7)

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3 Follow footballers in traffic jams (9)

4 Used money to get vehicle on top of long hill to find empty shell (5,9)

6 Poetic pigeon? (5)

7 Light used to vaguely learn about books (7)

8 Russia writer to withdraw opening with concealed desire (8)

9 Unable to respond immediately when suddenly figured out the dance (6,2,3,3)

15 What was left after mined rare material (9)

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16 Commissioner sends information on how he makes waste into fertiliser (8)

18 Accounts presented without any effort to appease (7)

19 I sorted out publisher’s staff (7)

20 Figures briefly including union’s position (6)

22 Direct light onto holy place when original relic’s removed (5)