The Scotsman Crossword 1/6/20

Here’s is today’s Scotsman crossword grid and clues. The solution will be published tomorrow


This is provided during lockdown for those who would like to print out to complete. We are working on providing interactive puzzles on our website. Watch this space!


1 May have to dish out a girl’s offering (10)

Monday's crossword
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6 Stole coat or blanket as cover (4)

10 Peter joined team turning out to be quite restrained (9)

11 Some may fill it, ready for a metric measure (5)

12 It’s a popular ballgame, in reality (6)

13 A couple with a lot in the US are inseparable (7)

15 Those set apart can be a suitable representative (9)

18 Had to endure having the capture of an old first lieutenant (5)

19 It’s good to get into the top rank as a formidable player (5)

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21 Is setting out the real facts of a case, so it’s genuine (9)

23 To tie up car, right away, is irregular (7)

24 Takes the place of someone who reads things out little by little (6)

27 Always have time for a former US star in court (5)

28 Leaving off, at the start, some of one’s expenditure (9)

29 Had little time to inquire about a piece of work (4)

30 Had a firm grip on a fortified place (10)

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DOWN1 Go out with old man, in short, to an empty theatre (4)

2 A simple chap is returning one day (5)

3 Is about to choose the same MP once again (2-5)

4 Those in charge of a firm sound rather fed up (5)

5 Negotiate with the workforce, at last, means they can get therapy (9)

7 Having to share the wrong amount will lead to restrictions on the supply (6,3)

8 Did the priest mention the last new church was his choice? (10)

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9 Nearly all left out got the lion’s share (6)

14 Put down roots with some soldiers, at last, who founded a colony (10)

16 Is forced to agree, up to a point, with some anticipation (9)

17 Remove an offshoot in order to expand (6,3)

20 Have to tear up, in order to turn over (6)

22 After making a mistake, we’re told, yearn to sort it out soon (7)

24 Was ready to have an altercation (3-2)

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25 Left one new turn of phrase. It’s jargon (5)

26 Employed some house decorators (4)