Scots praised as baby boomer study enters 65th year

HUNDREDS of people whose health and lifestyle have been monitored for 65 years have been acknowledged at an event in the Capital.

Scottish participants in the "baby boomer" study of the 1940s have helped shape health policy and boosted research findings.

Around 250 people were invited to the celebration at the Royal College of Physicians yesterday.

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The project was launched by the National Survey of Health and Development in 1946, a year after the end of the Second World War, with the objective of tracking people from across the UK throughout their lives.

Prof Diana Kuh, director of the Medical Research Council's unit for lifelong health and ageing, said: "The baby boomer study is the jewel in the crown of life-long research studies.

"As the UK's longest-running study, we owe huge thanks to the study members whose dedication will benefit medical research and human health."