Scots firm unveils lasting anti-MRSA soap

A SCOTTISH company has developed an anti-bacterial soap it claims protects against superbug MRSA and other germs for days after use.

Giltech, based in Ayr, said the soap leaves a residue of silver - an anti-bacterial agent - that is water resistant and stays on the hands for up to three days.

The firm is marketing the soap to hospitals and to the armed services for use in combat zones where daily washing might not be possible.

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Microbiologist Hugh Pennington from the University of Aberdeen said surgeons and medics have used silver and other heavy metals to control infection for at least 200 years.

"The residual effect of a soap like this will never be as effective as hand-washing, as the mechanical effect of rubbing your hands with soap under water makes a difference," he said. "However, if it provides another tool in the defence against MRSA, it should find some level of use."

The soap, which will be available in bar and gel form, joins a group of silver products being introduced to hospitals soon.

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