Scots butcher creates ‘Scotch Egg Creme Egg’

BUTCHERS have outdone the battered Mars Bar by creating a calorific Scotch Egg - sausage meat wrapped around a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

The new creation features sausage meat wrapped around a Creme Egg. Picture: Hemedia

Wacky Greig Foston and Benjamin Webb say their snack contains 1,000 calories - and is best served warm so the chocolate melts with the chilli-flavoured pork.

Greig, of Foston’s Fine Meat in Duns, Scottish Borders, said: “We thought we’d come up with something for Easter, so we wanted somehow to combine meat and chocolate.

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“We made up a batch at the weekend, just to see what demand was like, and it sold out pretty quickly.”

Greig Foston. Picture: Hemedia

But the madcap meat-sellers are not resting on their laurels, and are working on a smaller version using a Mini Egg.

Greig added: “That would work well, I think, with plain sausage meat, and letting the chocolate melt inside the sugar casings of the egg.”

Greig went on: “This is the most out there thing we’ve done, although while Wimbledon was on we had some strawberry pork sausages as well.”

Foston’s have also experimented with Irn-Bru sausages, while other butchers in Scotland have introduced Buckfast sausages in recent weeks.