Scots adventurer breaks 40 day Rockall record

SCOTS adventurer Nick Hancock has broken the record for living alone on Rockall, the remotest outpost in the UK. Today marks his 43rd consecutive day on the Atlantic rock.

Nick had originally planned for 60 days on the island but he lost alot of supplies in a storm and is expected to return to the mainland soon. Picture: TSPL

Mr Hancock, 39, a chartered surveyor from Ratho, near Edinburgh, beat the record for the longest occupation of Rockall, an erupted volcano, set in 1997 by three Greenpeace campaigners who lived there for 42 days.

The longest solo occupation was set by veteran adventurer Tom McClean, of Morar in the west Highlands. Mr McClean held the record for 29 years.

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Mr Hancock sent a message, simply reading: “Sorry Tom.”

While on Rockall, Mr Hancock has been living in a converted 8ft yellow water tank. It is powered by a small wind turbine and solar panels for charging his satellite communications.

He has been living on Hall’s Ledge, a small flatter part, that is just 11ft by 4ft. Occasionally, he will scramble up to the summit for exercise.

He is hoping to raise £10,000 for Help The Heroes and had set his sights on spending 60 days on Rockall.

But he lost a lot of belongings and supplies during a recent storm and is expected to return to the mainland at the weekend.