Scotland's weather: Temperatures set to plummet as Arctic winds bring wintry conditions

Scotland, and much of the UK, is set for a cold snap due to Arctic winds from the North Pole.
Scotland is set for a cold snap. Picture; Michael GillenScotland is set for a cold snap. Picture; Michael Gillen
Scotland is set for a cold snap. Picture; Michael Gillen

Forcasters have warned that much of the UK is just a few weeks away from the first major snowfall with some predicting that there will be a number of snowstorms to end 2017.

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November will see temperatures plummet due to a bitter Arctic wind coming in from the North Pole bringing wintry conditions.

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Winter conditions, freezing fog and sheet ice have been predicted by experts, with snow to ravage much of the UK.

Warnings have been issued for what some are calling the ‘coldest winter in five years’ with temperatures expected to drop from next week.

Changes in the jet stream combined with a “sinking Polar Vortex” are thought to be the main reason behind the cold snap that is expected.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said that this winter could be exceptionally colder than those seen in previous years and there could be much more snowfall due to increased storm activity.

He told The Express: “There will be a continued risk of ex-hurricane remnants or major low-pressure systems hitting our shores during November and while this will drag in some milder weather it could also lead to significant and widespread snowfall at times, as the remnants or weather systems clash with the colder air across the UK.

“We feel snow events will almost certainly be undervalued until or after they happen over the next few months.”

“Snow will not be restricted to the Highlands of Scotland and some moderate levels in parts of the north.

“Frosty and foggy conditions will dominate through winter and any stray weather system could bring some low-level snow and a dusting in some more unlikely spots as cold weather stagnates across our shores.”

It is thought that this winter will be the coldest in five years.