Scotland’s secret bunker reopens after refurbishment

The entrance tunnel to Scotland's Secret BunkerThe entrance tunnel to Scotland's Secret Bunker
The entrance tunnel to Scotland's Secret Bunker
A Cold War nuclear command centre has re-opened its three tonne blast-proof doors to the public after extensive restoration over winter.

Scotland’s Secret Bunker underwent refurbishment to mark its 20th anniversary celebrations this year.

Opened to the public in 1994 after being decommissioned in the late ’80s following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the bunker is now one of Fife’s major tourist attractions.

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As part of a variety of improvements, visitors will now be able to see a remodelled British Telecom room and the specialist equipment needed to feed an astonishing 2800 phone lines to the bunker.

Picture: HeMediaPicture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia

James Mitchell, managing director, said: “We felt it was time for a fresh look at how everything was being presented and we’ve invested in a series of information screens throughout the museum which will help bring the bunker to life for our visitors, in addition to our audio tour which explains the history of the bunker in full.

“We’re also very excited about being able to extend and show off areas of the bunker that may have never been seen before.”

Recently a whole host of television programmes marked 30 years from when we were, literally, on the brink of a nuclear war. Since the bunker only opened to the public 20 years ago, people are amazed at just how recent and real the threat was, and just how prepared we were. welcoming tens of thousands of visitors through its blast doors every year.