Scot wins world Haggis eating competition

A YOUNG Scotsman has set a new world record – after he scoffed a whole haggis in only 47 seconds.

Lee Goodfellow, right, took just 47 seconds to eat a 1lb haggis. Picture: Hemedia

Lee Goodfellow, 23, broke his own previous record while competing in the World Haggis Eating Championships.

Held in Birnam, Perthshire, the annual event sees 20 competitors from Scotland and all around the world take part to see who can devour Scotland’s national dish the fastest.

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Mr Goodfellow took the title for the fourth time, having previously won in 2011, 2012 and 2013, but losing out last year.

The project coordinator at Glasgow Caledonian University said: “It’s a good feeling getting it back again. It’s smashing beating the record.

“It’s quite a strange thing to tell people, actually. They give you a funny look when you explain what it is.”

Competitors have to eat a 1lb haggis in the shortest length of time, with judges on hand to make sure that there is no cheating.

Mr Goodfellow said: “You get a few regulars taking part. You also get a lot of tourists.”

An estimated 3,500 people turned up to the event on Saturday, which drew crowds from as far afield as New Zealand and Germany.