Scot, 102, is world's longest-serving golf club member

A 102-year-old Scot has claimed the title of the world's longest-serving golf club member - after joining up an incredible 91 years ago.

Willie Cuthbert, aged 102.

Sprightly Willie Cuthbert joined Kirkintilloch Golf Club in 1926 for ten shillings as a reward from his father James for passing his 11-plus school exams.

Nearly a century on, he still plays with the same swing and enthusiasm - and still uses a rare handmade driver he bought for one guinea before World War Two.

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By the time Mr Cuthbert was an adult, his membership fees rose to two guineas and he went on to gain an impressive handicap of two.

Now, because of his age, he only plays one or two rounds a year but still loves every minute of being out on the course in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

After reaching the age of 90 his membership became free - and his impressive swing has won him praise from golf greats Gary Player and Paul Lawrie.

When he first joined he had to walk or cycle to the course from his home in Kirkintilloch due to a lack of public transport.

He said: “There were no cars or transport back when I first joined the club - except on Saturdays when there would be a bus,

“I’d cycle up to the course and park it against the hut before playing a round.”

Speaking at the club as he hit a few practice shots, he said: “When I first started as a child, I’d play with wee short clubs but there used to be a greenkeeper here who would pick up clubs on the course left behind by folk who didn’t want them.

“I was quite lucky, I could naturally swing a golf club very well from a very young age.

“In golf you get what you earn. When you miss-hit a shot at golf you get punished for it but it’s great when you have a good game.

“I was never much of a competitor, I’d only ever really play golf for fun.

“It’s a fantastic course here and you always notice something new every time you go.

“I’ve never seen it look as good as it did today.”

Mr Cuthbert was widowed 10 years ago when his wife of 50 years, May, died. He has one son, James, who lives in London.

A video of a recent practice session was posted online by his son - and the video caught the attention of golfing great Gary Player.

Asked if he would like a swing as strong as Mr Cuthbert’s at the age of 102, Player said: “Wow, I certainly hope so. All my best to Mr Cuthbert.”

And Scots hero Paul Lawrie was so impressed with the video that he re-tweeted it to his 35,000 followers so they could all see Willie in action.

Earlier this month, 94 year-old golfer Geoffrey Crosskill was recognised officially as the world’s longest serving golf club member.

He has been a member of Eaton Golf Club in Norwich for 82 years since being enrolled by his father Alec who had been club captain at the time.

A spokeswoman for the Guinness Book of World Records has now asked Mr Cuthbert and his family to lodge an application to officially recognise his achievement.

The spokeswoman said: “This is an incredible story and what an achievement!

“We would invite Willie to make an application and submit his evidence in order for this to be ratified.”