School pupils raise cash for ambulance

FETTES College pupils hope to raise £40,000 to buy a new ambulance for remote communities in Tanzania.

Last year, 32 Fettes College pupils went to the remote village of Yamba, one of the world's poorest communities situated in the heart of the West Usambara Mountains.

The pupils helped build two new classrooms for the school as well as teaching English to the pupils, and upon their return began a donations program amongst parents and pupils.

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Clothes recycling boxes were placed throughout the school and the donations of clothes, shoes, wool and books worth an estimated 10,000 are now being boxed up ready to send.

The pupils are now joining forces with African charity Village Africa to purchase a new ambulance for the village.

A student spokeswoman said: "Yamba is so far away from any hospitals or medical facilities and they only have one truck in the Village. If the truck is away, the chances of treatment being received quick enough to save lives was greatly reduced."