Ryanair leaves passengers stranded in Poland

BUDGET airline Ryanair left 100 passengers stranded in Poland for four days after their return flights to Edinburgh were cancelled hours after check-in.

Those caught up in the mayhem have complained they received no help from the airline and were left with bills of 500 each for the extra four days in Krakow.

Passengers who checked in for their 10.10pm return flight from Poland on March 3 were later told their flight had been cancelled, and then had to queue for up to three hours to rebook their flights.

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Passengers were told they would have to fend for themselves until the next available flight 48 hours later. However, when they arrived at the airport for their flight last Thursday, high winds caused another cancellation.

The passengers finally flew back on the next available flight on Saturday but this was to Prestwick.

Ryanair spokesman, Stephen McNamara, said customers would not get any compensation and weather-related cancellations were excluded under European law.