Rugby star Philip speaks of gun horror

FORMER Scotland rugby union player Tom Philip, who currently plays for Whitehaven, has spoken of his shock after the Cumbria shootings.

He said the killing of former professional rugby league player Garry Purdham, who also used to play for the club, was "a blow for rugby league".

Mr Purdham, 31, was shot by Derrick Bird as he helped his uncle trim hedges. Today it was reported that Bird was resentful about his brother getting 25,000 from their father Joe, which drove his rampage.

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Mr Philip, 26, lives in Trinity and travels to Whitehaven for training and matches. He said: "It's a small town and it has obviously really affected everyone.

"My condolences go out to the whole of the town and that goes for the rugby league club too because that is a massive part of Whitehaven. I'm extremely upset for everyone involved and for the whole of the town. It was a shocking thing to happen."